About Us

Hadley Table founder Lockie Markusen has introduced her collection of imaginatively designed, hardboard, cork-backed placemats to bring great design, lots of color and fabulous pattern to the family table.

As the mother of five children, she finds beauty in functional products that make things run a little more smoothly, especially at dinner time.

Inspired by the easy functionality of a traditional English hardboard, cork-backed placemat but wanting the artwork to be more creative and modern, Lockie has scouted beautiful designs from award-winning illustrators, vibrant textiles, historical patterns and natural materials to create a new style of placemat that is current and exciting.
With a wink to the classic product, our placemats have a fresh design aesthetic combined with solid construction and outstanding durability.

Hadley Table accessories — with their vibrant, innovative designs — will be setting your table with reliable ease and modern charm!