Aesop’s Fables Four Designs Placemats

Aesop’s Fables Four Designs Placemats are illustrated by Julie Paschkis. Julie is a painter, textile designer, and award winning illustrator of more than 15 books for children. You can see her love of pattern and folk art in her work. All of her work tells stories. These placemats tell stories from Aesop’s fables and were painted especially for Hadley Table.

Hardboard, cork backed placemats combine modern durability with beautiful design. Hadley Table placemats are easy to clean and care for while offering superb protection for your table.



Set of four placemats with four different designs included in each box


15.75 in x 11.75 in

Heat Resistance

Heat resistant to 225°F (110°C)

Care Instructions

Easy to clean: simply wipe with a damp cloth


Cork-backed to protect fine furniture